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Former Obama Cabinet Secretary: Fracking Is Safe, Let's Build The Keystone Pipeline

Former Obama Cabinet Secretary: Fracking Is Safe, Let's Build The Keystone Pipeline

The Obama administration insists, even after years of delays, that the decision to approve the Keystone XL pipeline – desperately needed energy infrastructure for the upper midwest – isn’t political. But it is says former Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who said “the decision on whether the construction should happen was a political one and

Reservation Death Blamed On Propane Shortage, North Dakota Democrats Blame Republicans

In a heartbreaking story from the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, a woman was found frozen to death in her trailer home that was heated by propane. Her tanks were empty, and according to the Associated Press “officials” are blaming it on the propane shortage: FORT YATES, N.D. — Authorities are tying the death of a

North Dakota Job Openings Decline, But There's Still A Worker Shortage

North Dakota jobs are still plentiful, but there aren’t quite as many as before and growth seems to have plateaued. The state Job Service department issued their Online Jobs Opening Report for January of 2014, and the numbers are pretty interesting. They don’t represent the state’s entire job market, just “online job openings and resumés

Jerry Seinfeld Attacked For Not Caring About Race

Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels recently told an interviewer that Democrats have no sense of humor. The imbroglio over Jerry Seinfeld’s choice of comedians to appear on his (really cool) show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee proves his point, I think. Seinfeld was asked about why his show has mostly white dudes on it. “People think

Audio: Former Ag Department Employee Says Goehring Created A "Hostile Work Environment"

Earlier today SAB broke the news about complaints from Ag Department employees against Commissioner Doug Goehring concerning his professional behavior around women. This afternoon I spoke with Katie Pinke, a former employee at the Ag Department who talked about her experiences there. She says it was more than that one incident, and claims that several employees

Let's Build The Keystone Pipeline Already Says…Ed Schultz?

This isn’t as bizarre as you’d think. Unions are very much interested in the jobs the Keystone pipeline project would create (despite President Obama poo-pooing the numbers), and Ed Schultz is very much a union mouthpiece. Still, it’s bizarre to hear a pro-Keystone voice on MSNBC. Schultz’s argument? Pragmatism and safety: Based on safety I