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FCC Kinda, Sorta Backs Down From "Study" Of Newsrooms

FCC Kinda, Sorta Backs Down From "Study" Of Newsrooms

The study is going forward, but it has been “amended” to remove questions about news philosophy and editorial judgment: Faced with an outcry, the Federal Communications Commission’s chairman said Thursday that he would amend the effort — intended to assess whether the news media were meeting the public’s “critical information needs” — by removing questions

North Dakota Republicans Stuck Campaigning Against A Vacuum

Yesterday I wrote about the North Dakota Republican Party’s fundraising difficulties. An elected Republican called me about the post and made an interesting point. “How do you fundraise when you’re running against a vacuum?” That’s a good point, and a commenter on my post yesterday made the same point: lets say you are a fundraiser

The FCC Wants To Regulate How Media Outlets Choose The News

In a column published in the Grand Forks Herald today I make a tongue-in-cheek argument for regulating the 1st amendment rights of media outlets. Certain editorial boards in the state seem to feel that energy development on private property near “extraordinary places” should be open to public comment, so why not subject journalism on extraordinary topics  to the

Does North Dakota Really Need To Spend $2 Billion On Conservation In The Next Decade?

Environmental groups are dissatisfied with the Outdoor Heritage Fund created by the legislature which diverts up to $30 million per biennium to a fund overseen by a board that shovels the money out to conservation projects (which, at first blush, don’t always seem to have a lot to do with conservation). So they want a

Why Democrats Aren't Likely To Gain Ground In North Dakota This Year

After a negative post about the NDGOP’s dismal 2014 fundraising, I suppose I should give Republicans a pick-me-up, so here it is. According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, North Dakota is tops in the nation. “More than 178,000 interviews nationwide fueled the 2013 analysis, which examined Americans’ perceptions on topics such as physical and emotional health,

North Dakota Dems Continue To Dominate Republicans In Party Fundraising

Democrats have been dominant at party-level fundraising for the 2014 election cycle so far, but the North Dakota Republican Party outraised the Dems in January. You can read the latest monthly report, covering January, from the FEC for Republicans here and Democrats here. In January, Republicans raised $47,679.28, spent $32,978.38 and ended the reporting period

No Tax Breaks For Winnings From The Olympics, Please

Senator Marco Rubio, R-Florida, has introduced the Olympic Tax Elimination Act which would protect American participants in the Olympics from having to pay taxes on their winnings. America, like many other countries, pays athletes for medals. Gold medalists get $25,000, silver medalists get $15,000 and bronze medalists get $10,000. That’s income, and it’s susceptible to taxation,

From The Left: There Is Still A Place For Economic Development In North Dakota

It is obvious to everybody that the state of North Dakota has a very healthy economy right now. Our unemployment is about 1/3 of the national average and we have tens of thousands of job openings.  We currently have a state that has seen the North Dakota Office of Management and Budget’s underestimate the size

Hoeven: Nebraska Ruling May Not Delay Keystone Pipeline For Long

News broke earlier today that a judge in Nebraska has thrown out that state’s approval of the Keystone XL pipeline project, finding that the legislature had illegally delegated authority over the project to Governor Dave Heineman instead of the state’s Public Service Commission: Lancaster County Judge Stephanie Stacy issued a ruling that invalidated Nebraska Gov.