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Leier Column: Hunter Education Is Required For Most Hunters

Leier Column: Hunter Education Is Required For Most Hunters

Since pheasant, grouse and archery deer seasons just ended a couple of weeks ago, don’t blame hunters if they aren’t already planning for next fall. But if you have a child, friend or relative who will need a hunter education certificate in order to purchase a hunting license in 2014, now is the time to

Oil Train Derailments "Raising Eyebrows On Wall Street"

If there was any doubt that the build-out of pipeline infrastructure is of vital importance for North Dakota and the Bakken oil fields, consider that the recent derailments of trains carrying Bakken crude haven’t gone unnoticed on Wall Street (via Aaron Flint): Recent accidents involving crude oil being shipped from the Bakken area of North

Why Does Obama Want To Extend Unemployment, Aren't We Four Years Into An Economic Recovery?

The Senate voted today to proceed to debate of an extension of unemployment benefits which expired in the new year (North Dakota Senator John Hoeven voted no, Senator Heidi Heitkamp voted with her party), and President Obama went on the attack against Republicans who are opposing the extension. “Now, two weeks ago Congress went home

The Rich Are Getting Richer, And The Poor Are Getting Richer Too

Professor Mark Perry posted yesterday two graphs that are stunning in their implications, especially as President Obama and Democrats attempt to execute an election-year pivot way from their Obamacare disaster to income inequality. The folks on the left are fond of telling us that the poor are getting poorer, but is that true? As Perry

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North Dakota Public Employees Pension Sees Unfunded Liability Break $1 Billion

The latest audit for North Dakota’s Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) is out, and the numbers aren’t good. Due to what the audit describes as investment losses, the unfunded liabilities in the pension have grown by nearly $200 million since last year. In 2012 the unfunded liability – pension obligations that aren’t covered by projected

Lawmakers Take To The Courts To Fight Obama's Lawlessness

What often gets lost in the ideological war over public policy is a separate and distinct debate over the balance of power in government. Whatever ones views on the efficacy of any given policy, the importance of the political process that involves the scrutiny of multiple branches of government is important. Agree or disagree with

Open Record NDSU Spinoff Tried To Hide Was $28,800 Contract With Republican State Senator

In pre-Christmas news dump, North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem issued an opinion finding that an North Dakota State University spin-off corporation – NDSU Research Park Ventures, LLC – had violated open records laws when they denied a request from a SAB reader regarding a contract discussion. The AG’s office ordered the contract released, and