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Does More Republicans In The Senate Mean More Approval For Congress?

Does More Republicans In The Senate Mean More Approval For Congress?

The chart above was created by Jeff Dobbs, and it shows an interesting correlation between Congressional approval numbers and the number of Republicans in the Senate. I say correlation, because nothing hear establishes that Republicans in the Senate are necessary the cause of the fluctuations in approval. For one thing, Congress is more than just

Senator: Obamacare Cost Me Cancer Doctor

I’ve said for some time now that when Americans hear people in the government talk about controlling health care costs they ought to get scared. Because the only way the government can do that is by controlling access to care. Case in point, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn who is retiring from the Senate after being

The State Of The Union Spectacle Is Unbecoming To America

I originally published this last year, but I think it’s still relevant this year. My friends and family describe me as a political junky. In that I follow politics obsessively, they’re right. My idea of living it up on Friday night is reading audit reports and filing open records requests. But I’ve never felt comfortable

SAB's Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” -Woody Allen Today and over the course of the next several weeks, we here at SAB will be posting a series of articles aimed at demystifying the process of participation in politics. While some may claim or feign cynicism and disillusionment as their reasoning why they don’t do

Is This Why North Dakota Democrats Can't Find A House Candidate?

It’s nearly February, months since North Dakota Democrats were touting a robust lineup of potential challengers for Rep. Kevin Cramer and weeks since they announced that a liberal candidate entering the race was imminent, yet there is no Democrat opponent for the Republican incumbent (he does have a Libertarian Party challenger). That despite Democrats having

Former SADD "Student Of The Year" Arrested For Underage Drinking

Carrie Sandstrom is a student at the University of North Dakota. She’s the editor of the school newspaper, the Dakota Student, was Students Against Destructive Decision’s “student of the year for 2012-2013 and serves as one of two UND student members on the Grand Forks Community and Campus Committee on High-Risk Alcohol Use, something she