Boy Scouts Compromise On Gay Leaders Seems Reasonable


Nationally the Boy Scouts of America have announced that they’re rescinding their ban on gay leaders in their organization, but that comes with a caveat. Troops sponsored by religious organizations can keep policies excluding homosexuals from leadership positions in accordance with their doctrines.

Here in North Dakota, troops sponsored by the Catholics are going to keep their current policies in place. Other religious groups, it seems will be changing theirs.

This seems like a reasonable compromise for the Boy Scouts, accommodating diverse points of view on this divisive issue.

Of course, accommodation and tolerance are not popular in today’s political environment. What’s more popular these days is imposing your point of view on others.

For what it’s worth, all things being equal, I think homosexuals make great troop leaders. But I also prefer solutions that allow people, to the greatest degree possible, to make their own decisions and live their lives in accordance with their conscience.

What’s so bad about that?

It seems to me that the Boy Scouts have adopted the best possible policy, allowing both sides of this contentious issue to co-exist within their organization.

That’s a win-win to me.