Planned Parenthood's Dead Baby Part Sales Would Be Explicitly Illegal In North Dakota

planned parenthood

North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp has been largely quiet on the controversy over Planned Parenthood apparently selling dead baby organs and tissues resulting from abortions, but over the weekend we did learn that she will be voting against yanking federal funds from the group.

What’s interesting is that if what Planned Parenthood has admitted to doing had happened here in North Dakota, it would be specifically illegal under state law.

Here is section 14-02.2-02 of the North Dakota Century Code which I think speaks for itself:


This is a pretty clear statement of North Dakota’s point of view on the issue of selling dead baby parts. It is explicitly prohibited. Which may also explain Senator Heitkamp’s reticence to speak out on this issue, and to only very quietly continue to support Planned Parenthood with her vote.

Planned Parenthood does not operate a clinic in North Dakota. The state’s only abortion clinic is the Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo which is not operated by the national group. Part of me wonders if the above law is why Planned Parenthood doesn’t operate here.