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State Auditor Josh Gallion announces his re-election campaign in October, 2019.

If Auditor Gallion’s Zeal Turns Bad Government Actors Into Martyrs What Exactly Is He Accomplishing?

If Auditor Gallion’s Zeal Turns Bad Government Actors Into Martyrs What Exactly Is He Accomplishing?

Despite the criticism he’s inspired, I’m a supporter of North Dakota State Auditor Josh Gallion. His aggressive approach to his job has been a breath of fresh air. During his first term on the job (he announced his re-election campaign some weeks ago), his work has uncovered some real problems in state government. In one

Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma, left, and City Manager Tom Barry, right Photo via City of Minot

Despite Controversy City of Minot Approves Roughly $1 Million Contract for City Manager

After initially trying to slip it through as a last-minute addition to the agenda, the Minot City Council approved this week a new contract for controversial City Manager Tom Barry. The Council also approved a substantial pay raise for themselves, though I think that move was sorely needed. “If we devalue public service by not paying

The North Dakota state capitol's Christmas tree, pictured here in 2015. Mike Nowatzki / Forum News Service

The Nativity Scene at North Dakota’s Capitol Is Great, but What Happens When the Muslims Want a Display?

For the first time in state history, North Dakota’s state Christmas tree, erected annually in the capitol building in Bismarck, will be complemented by a nativity scene. That’s per a report from my colleague, Jeremy Turley, who also notes that the display will be privately funded. I’m an atheist, but I’m also a supporter of

Print Column: The Left Can’t Complain About Trump’s Fabulism While They Perpetuate Their Own

Ever noticed how the news media appends words like “without evidence” to claims President Donald Trump makes? I don’t blame them. Our president’s endless adventures with falsehood are undeniable. The man lies, with bald-faced constancy, about things both trivial and consequential. The examples are far too numerous to list here. Yet while Trump may be the most

Fargo police pull a pair of vehicles over during a 2010 saturation traffic safety blitz. Dave Wallis/The Forum)

Thanks to a Legislative Oversight, Can North Dakota Cities Even Make You Pay Higher Traffic Fines?

Serious constitutional questions may not be the only headache North Dakota cities face as they, enabled by state legislation passed in Bismarck earlier this year, raise traffic fines above state levels. The City of Fargo, for instance, is one of a few communities in our state which has chosen to take advantage of the change

Print Column: Shame on You, Hunters

MINOT, N.D. — I would like to direct your attention to a Facebook page called North Dakota Lock Out. It was created after the debate in the Legislature earlier this year over SB2315. That bill would have reversed the backward presumption of public access to private land in our state. Currently, those wishing access for activities like

The front of the Fargo office of Americans for prosperity is pictured here after having been vandalized. Photo via Sierra Heitkamp

This Conservative Group’s Fargo Office Has Been Vandalized Repeatedly Since It Was Opened

Americans for Prosperity is a conservative-leaning, free-market-promoting group that operates in numerous states across the nation. While the group has faced no small amount of criticism and backlash nationally, you may be surprised to learn that their Fargo office, headquarters for their North Dakota chapter, has been vandalized repeatedly since opening. The most recent attack

Amelia Demarest, 15, was one of many students and young people who addressed climate change during a town hall meeting organized by City Commissioner John Strand on Wednesday, Nov. 27, in City Hall. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

A Kid in Fargo Thinks Climate Change Might Kill Him Before He’s 50, How Did We Get to This Point?

In Fargo this week, there was a climate change town hall organized by Fargo City Commissioner John Strand. It was well-attended, featuring dozens of speakers with different ideas for how Fargo, as a community, could address the issue. Remember, for many of these people, we are beyond the point of debating whether or not some

Print Column: Be Thankful That Americans Choose to Do So Much of What They Don’t Have To

MINOT, N.D. — One of the wonders of our free society is that nobody is required to do much of anything. Sure, there are certain imperatives. We all need food and shelter, and getting those basics requires effort. Yet our society enjoys a level of convenience and wealth which would be almost unimaginable to our

The rear window of a Tesla electric car owned by the Lignite Energy Council of North Dakota Photo via the LEC

Jason Bohrer: The Coal Industry Loves Electric Cars

This guest post was submitted by Jason Bohrer, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Lignite Energy Council. In October, David Ferris, a reporter with E&E News came through North Dakota driving an electric KIA. He stopped in Bismarck and used the charger in the back of the Lignite Energy Council to repower the batteries