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We have an acute teacher shortage, and some ND lawmakers are talking about punishing educators

We have an acute teacher shortage, and some ND lawmakers are talking about punishing educators

Minot, N.D. — On the same day this week, in two different cities, two panels of our state government held meetings related to education. I think it is illuminating to put them in juxtaposition. First, in Grand Forks, a meeting of the legislature’s Interim Higher Education Committee advanced a bill for next year’s session that

State Supreme Court puts term limits back on the ballot, but it’s still not clear we need it

Minot, N.D. — In a unanimous decision, North Dakota’s Supreme Court overruled Secretary of State Al Jaeger, finding that he misapplied law when he refused to approve a measure implementing term limits for the November ballot. The court didn’t address problems with the measure related to signature and address errors, or violations of the pay-per-signature

Plain Talk: Cara Mund, Rep. Kelly Armstrong square off in first U.S. House debate

Minot, N.D. — For the first time, incumbent Republican Rep. Kelly Armstrong and independent challenger Cara Mund faced off in a debate. On this episode of Plain Talk, with questions coming from former Democratic-NPL Executive Director Chad Oban and myself, the two candidates found areas where they agree, and areas where they disagree. Listen below, or

Some in Dem-NPL are ‘furious’ and ‘disgusted’ by ousting of House candidate in favor of Cara Mund

Minot, N.D. — Over the holiday weekend, prominent members of the Democratic-NPL on social media heaped praise on Mark Haugen, who was their U.S. House candidate before he was pressured out of the race by party elites who favor the candidacy of former Miss America Cara Mund. Haugen has said that he’s notifying the Secretary of State’s

Inside the pressure campaign to get the Democratic-NPL candidate out of Cara Mund’s way

Minot, N.D. — Yesterday, in an announcement sent to members of the news media , U.S. House candidate Mark Haugen, who had stepped up to accept his party’s endorsement at their state convention this spring, said he was stepping down from the race to clear the way for independent candidate, and former Miss America, Cara Mund. “Over

Democrat-NPL House candidate says Cara Mund’s supporters have pressured him out of the race

MINOT, N.D. — Over the last week it’s become clear that former Miss America Cara Mund, who announced an independent campaign for the U.S. House last month, has become the preferred candidate for left-of-center North Dakotans . Now Mark Haugen, a pro-life Democrat who accepted the North Dakota Democratic-NPL’s nomination for the House earlier this year, says

Legislative candidates involved in bigotry scandal play the victim instead of owning their actions

MINOT, N.D. — Two Republican legislative candidates, rather than owning their own words and actions, are busy portraying themselves as victims. According to a news release put out by NDGOP District 11 chair Susy Oliver, on behalf of her district, state House candidate Carter Eisinger is a victim of cancel culture. At issue is my reporting about