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Plain Talk: Who would want to run for office right now?

Plain Talk: Who would want to run for office right now?

Want to be notified when new episodes of Plain Talk are published? Subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast service . We all know how divided we are as a country. Politics has always been an ugly business, but it’s perhaps uglier right now than any time in recent memory. Given that, who would want to

Coal Creek Station sale a victory for reality over politics

MINOT, N.D. — Regulators in Minnesota have cleared the last regulatory hurdle standing in the way of the sale of Coal Creek Station, North Dakota’s largest coal-fired power plant. The state’s Public Utilities Commission, eschewing demands from political activists to nix the sale, instead cast a unanimous 5-0 vote to approve it . That’s a remarkable turnaround.

Plain Talk: The January 6 anniversary, and a North Dakota business owner talks about how he’s fighting the labor shortage

Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic malaise, America’s employers have been in a crunch. Not only are their costs rising due to supply line snaggles, but many of them are having trouble finding and keeping workers. Jonathan Holth is one a North Dakota employer. He is a co-founder of the Toasted Frog restaurant

School districts should have to report bad teachers

MINOT, N.D. — The Crosby Journal has an excellent and eye-opening report about a teacher who has managed to bounce around school districts in western North Dakota for more than a decade despite some deeply troubling on-the-job behavior. What sort of problems are we talking about? According to the Journal, which obtained these facts through open records