Port: Doug Burgum’s presidential campaign is selling $20 gift cards for $1 each


MINOT — Doug Burgum needs to raise a convincing amount of money for his presidential campaign. But, more than that, the North Dakota governor needs to get at least 40,000 individual voters to make contributions to his campaign, with at least 200 coming from each of 20 states, in order to qualify for the GOP’s first presidential debate in August.

How is that going? The candidate’s first quarterly report should be out any day now — the deadline is July 15 — but if his latest fundraising gambit is any indication, things may be getting a little desperate.

According to an emailed fundraising pitch, the campaign is selling $20 gift cards. For $1 each.

“The burden on American families caused by the Democrats is unruly, and Joe Biden is doing nothing to fix it,” the pitch from the campaign reads. “We want to help, so we’re offering YOU a $20 gift card, and all YOU have to do is contribute $1 to claim it.”

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