Audio: North Dakota Lawmaker Unloads On Fargo Forum Editorial Board


If his post here on SAB didn’t convince you that Rep. Jim Kasper (R-Fargo) is a little cheesed off at the Fargo Forum today, this audio from his appearance on the Jay Thomas Show show this afternoon on WDAY AM970 will settle the matter for you.

“The Forum ought to be embarrassed,” Kasper said. He also calls Forum opinion editor Jack Zaleski an “idiot.”

Who can blame Kasper for being angry?

The Forum accused opponents of SB2151 (an early childhood education bill which passed the House earlier today) of longing “for the time when barefoot, pregnant and home-no-matter- what was the status of most women.”

“Too often – especially in the North Dakota House – the debate gets hijacked by forces determined to turn back the clock on progressive education and the realities of 21st century family life. The attack on SB 2151 is a symptom of the hijackers’ overall modus operandi, whether threatening the welfare of children or denying rights to North Dakotans,” the paper continued.

That sort of overwrought hyperbole is bad enough – reasonable people, which perhaps doesn’t include the Forum’s editors, can agree that opposing SB2151 does not mean one is “threatening the welfare of children” – but the problem is that Kasper didn’t oppose the legislation. He states that he’s never once spoken against the legislation, either publicly or privately, and his actions today seem to back that up.

Kasper actually voted for the bill. You can see Kasper’s green vote in the screen grab from the House video below (watch the full video here).

The childish tantrums about the way lawmakers ought to vote are one thing. They’re entitled to their opinions as we all are, though I’m not sure their tirades often help the case they’re trying to make. But if they’re going to accuse people of threatening children and denying people rights, etc., etc., shouldn’t they make sure they understand the position of those they’re attacking?

Also included in the audio above is Rep. Ben Koppelman (R-West Fargo) who was also named in the Forum editorial. Koppelman did oppose the bill, but he disputes the way the Forum characterized his position.