Audio: Fired Fargo Cop Tells His Side of the Story


Fargo police officer David Boelke was fired yesterday by Chief David Todd for a number of reasons.

You can read Todd’s memo justifying the termination below.

I had Boelke on my radio show today alongside his attorney Mark Friese of the Vogel Law Firm.

I asked Boelke why this happened. “I don’t know if this is personal animus toward me,” he said.

“I’ve worked hard and given a lot to this community over the last 15 years,” he added.

An investigation into Boelke’s job performance was initiated after he missed a court appearance he’d been subpoenaed for. Boelke admitted to having messed up in that instance, but suggested that the termination may have been rooted in something more personal.

Here’s the audio:

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Here’s the termination memo:

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