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Fargo Cops Investigate Themselves, Find No Wrong-Doing

Fargo Cops Investigate Themselves, Find No Wrong-Doing

Cops investigate things and find facts. Whether those facts add up to a criminal charge is a question of law. In other words, a decision for lawyers to make, not cops, and certainly not the cops who are investigating one of their coworkers. Continue reading…

Citizen Accuses U.S. Attorney Drew Wrigley of Fleeing From Traffic Accident, but That Citizen Also Initially Refused to File a Police Report

A woman named Britney Berger has taken to social media to accuse U.S. Attorney Drew Wrigley (who she says is Lt. Governor, though he hasn’t held that position in years) of causing a traffic accident and fleeing the scene. Here’s her post, complete with pictures: I reached out to the Fargo Police Department. Spokeswoman Jessica

Audio: Does the Fargo Park District Really Need Their Own Police Department?

When I first read that the Fargo Park District wants its own police department my reaction was… So today I had on Park District director (and former Fargo Police Department officer) Joel Vettel to discuss the proposal. You can listen to the full audio of our interview below. What Vettel told me is that the

Read It: All Reports From The Investigation Into The Shooting Of Officer Jason Moszer

Today Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office released the full Bureau of Criminal Investigation report into the standoff involving Marcus Schumacher which resulted in the shooting of Fargo police officer Jason Moszer. You can read all of the documents I obtained via an open records request right here. Some documents and exhibits from the investigation –

State Law Gives Children Of Slain Fargo Police Officer Free Tuition

Here’s some happy news: Existing state law would give the children of slain Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer free tuition and fees at an institution of their choosing in the North Dakota University System. Here’s the relevant bit of law from the North Dakota Century Code: Rep. Blair Thoreson, a Republican who represents District 44 in

In Email Fargo PD Says NDSU Cops "Frustrated" By State Supreme Court Ruling

In an email (see below) sent out yesterday afternoon by Fargo Police Department Deputy Chief Joe Anderson, and obtained from law enforcement sources, he describes North Dakota State University campus police officials as being “frustrated” with a recent Supreme Court ruling limiting their jurisdiction to campus. He states that NDSU cops will be limiting their

North Dakota Law Enforcement Being Dishonest About Quotas Policies

A recent Gallup poll has indicated that American confidence in law enforcement is at a 22-year low. While most Americans do continue to say that they trust law enforcement, the downward trend should have cops worried. Here in North Dakota we’ve avoided the sort of conflict and controversy that has made national headlines in other

Fargo Police Want Citizens To Give Them Voluntary Access To Their Video Streams

The Fargo Police Department has launched a voluntary program whereby they’re requesting that citizens give them access to their video feeds in exchange for a sticker: FARGO – If you’ve got a video camera, police want to take a peek. A new program unveiled Tuesday allows residents and business owners here to give police access to