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Audio: Fired Fargo Cop Tells His Side of the Story

Audio: Fired Fargo Cop Tells His Side of the Story

Fargo police officer David Boelke was fired yesterday by Chief David Todd for a number of reasons. You can read Todd’s memo justifying the termination below. I had Boelke on my radio show today alongside his attorney Mark Friese of the Vogel Law Firm. I asked Boelke why this happened. “I don’t know if this

North Dakota’s Drug Immunity Laws Are Pointless if the Feds Can Prosecute Those Cases Anyway

Back during their 2015 session North Dakota lawmakers passed a bill which gives some legal immunity to people who overdose on drugs who are seeking medical attention and those helping them. The idea, and it’s a very good one, is to prioritize saving a life over padding drug arrest statistics. Only the law isn’t working

"They need to realize they're not God"

Yesterday we got news, based on released law enforcement reports on the incident, that a SWAT team commander involved in the Fargo standoff with Marcus Schumacher (which resulted in the death of Fargo PD officer Jason Moszer) had authorized negotiators to suggest suicide to Schumacher. Today comes powerful comments from Schumacher’s widow who, as you

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Fargo SWAT Commander Authorized Negotiators To Urge Suicide During Marcus Schumacher Standoff

A bombshell from the Archie Ingersoll in the Fargo Forum today. Apparently, in the heat of the standoff which resulted in the death of Fargo police officer Jason Moszer, a SWAT team commander wanted negotiators to urge the shooter to commit suicide. Lt. William Ahlfeldt, who is a team commander with the Red River Valley

Fargo Police Chief David Todd: Treat Medicinal Marijuana "As Medicine"

This year North Dakotans may be asked to vote on not one but two ballot measures legalizing marijuana (and, ironically, one measure to implement tobacco price prohibition). One marijuana measure being circulated seeks to legalize medicinal marijuana. Another seeks to legalize all types of marijuana use. Interestingly, Fargo Police Chief David Todd seems open to