Air Bison Is Back In Operation For The 2013 Legislative Session


After receiving heavy legislative criticism for their use, and abuse, of their private airplane the folks at North Dakota State University announced they were selling the airplane. Except, now they’re not selling the airplane, and with legislation in the hopper to exempt the university system from oversight of state aircraft use NDSU is up to their own tricks.

Which is to say, they’re back to using their private airplane to shuttle university officials back and forth to Bismarck to claim their university is underfunded.

What, did you expect the higher education elite to start driving to Bismarck like mere commoners?


According to an Associated Press report, the plane costs about $5,600/hour to fly. A round trip from Fargo to Bismarck takes about 45 minutes, or an hour and a half round trip. Meaning that every time the folks from NDSU fly their private airplane to the legislature to beg for more money it costs them roughly $8,400.

The cost of driving? Maybe $100 in gas.

Hey, you know which university probably isn’t underfunded? The one whose officials arrived in a private airplane.