"Affordable Care Act" Projected To Drive Up North Dakota Insurance Premiums By 56%


In November of last year I interviewed a spokesman for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota who said that, while the full impact of Obamacare is unknown as specific policies and regulations are still be worked out, they were projecting that the impact in the state would be a 15% increase in premiums for employer-based plans and a 75% to 100% increase in premiums for plans owned by individuals.

Given that BCBS has a huge market share in the state, those projections means health insurance is going to get a lot more expensive for most citizens thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Now the Heritage Foundation has numbers out on the premium increase for individual plans that are actually a bit more conservative than those coming from BCBS. According to Heritage, individual policy holders in the state can expect about a 61% increase in the premiums they pay:


Put simply, whether you buy your insurance yourself or you get it through an employer, premiums are going up in a big, big way thanks to a government take over of the health insurance market that was supposed to make health insurance cheaper.