MINOT, N.D. — “I think there’s lots of opportunity for it.”

That’s what Dusty Hillebrand, a North Dakota Job Service employee in Grand Forks, had to say about the potential for a four-day work week.

I’m dubious.

I should note, here, that I’m a workaholic. I have been continuously employed since I began a paper route in the fourth grade. In high school, I added a summer job detailing cars, and later a part-time job doing over-the-phone tech support for companies such as Disney and Gateway Computers.

When I was trying to get my writing career off the ground, I would put in 10 hours or so at a day job, and then come home and spend another four or five hours gathering information and writing for SayAnythingBlog.com. When I started doing interviews I’d have to schedule them for lunch breaks or take leave time.

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