Will Beverly Hills ban fracking for ‘Texas tea?’


By Wayne Lusvardi | Cal Watchdog

Come and listen to a story about a city named Beverly Hills and its bubblin’ crude.

The Beverly Hillbillies” still plays on TV in reruns, providing laughs about the Clampetts from Tennessee who strike it rich in oil on their farm, then move to posh Beverly Hills with its “swimmin’ pools, movie stars,” as the opening song goes.

But what’s not well-known is that there’s crude in “them thar” Beverly Hills, too.

And would a “reboot” of the series today include an episode about how the City of Beverly Hills has banned oil drilling by fracking – the horizontal fracturing of rock to extract oil and gas?

On May 6, the City Council unanimously voted to ban fracking, the first city to do so in California. According to the Beverly Hills Courier, the new fracking ordinance bans “hydraulic fracturing, acidizing or any other stimulation technique” from any area of the city.

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