Why did CT’s Obamacare exchange work as MD’s failed?


By Charlie Hayward | Maryland Reporter

Obamacare’s 2015 enrollment cycle is just around the corner; new enrollment begins in seven months, on Nov. 15. We can be assured that the spin will intensify via taxpayer-funded marketing aimed at rebuilding the damaged health exchange brand that will begin early and be repeated ad nauseam. Press releases and public statements will abound.

We’ll hear Maryland’s inaugural enrollment year was a seminal achievement, and the exchange and its agents deserve high praise for heroic efforts meeting signup goals against all odds. And ambitious IT projects go bad all the time. We learned our lesson, just look at the costs we are saving by our prudent decision to launch another state’s already-proven website.

But questions will continue to swirl. If IT projects go bad all the time, why did Connecticut’s succeed?

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