Week in Review: Half truths, rust, progressive spending and party hopping


By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog

OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — It has been a tumultuous week on the Kansas political scene. From interesting endorsements to ridiculous government initiatives, it’s getting rough and rowdy out there, and it’s only going to keep ramping up through November. Until then, take a breather and take a peek at the past week in review.

Kansas think tank argues truth being twisted in deficit warnings

You have to have heard it by now: for months, the left has been hooting and hollering about looming deficits in Kansas. But the Kansas Policy Institute says it’s all a farce; Constitutionally, Kansas is forbidden from running a deficit. So what are the facts behind the bluster? See for yourself.

Republicans for Davis boast rusty, dusty legislative credentials

Earlier this week, Democrat Paul Davis dropped a political bomb in his bid for governor by announcing 104 Kansas Republicans backing his bid for Crestview. But there’s just one nagging detail: most of the ex-lawmakers featured on the list were either given the boot by voters or haven’t held office in decades. Read up here.

Merriam swaps standard disability sign for more progressive symbol


Who knew stick figures could be this offensive? Following the lead of councilman Al Frisby and the Accessible Icon Project, the City of Merriam has adopted a new disability access sign. No longer will residents see the “rigid” and “stoic” stick figure denoting disabled parking. Rather, city leaders will drop nearly $2,000 to replace or replace all signs and repaint parking lots featuring a new, more active stick figure. We’re not kidding.

Republican endorsing Davis swapped parties only days before announcement


Talk about obvious. The 104 103 moderate Republicans backing Democrat Paul Davis for Governor aren’t all they appear to be, apparently. According to Douglas County records, at least one of them — Cynthia Yulich — was either a Democrat or unaffiliated for years until only days before the Davis campaign unveiled its list of Republican supporters. Read the details.

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