Week in Review: Chickens, insanity, principles and conservation


By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog

OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — It has been a rough-and-tumble week across Kansas and in the Legislature, with enough comings and goings to make your head spin.

But if you missed a beat earlier in the week, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Trouble on the prairie: Feds call chicken ‘threatened,’ but what about the residents?

The tiny, lesser prairie-chicken is causing a big stir in the Sunflower State. With its recent listing as a “threatened” species under the Endangered Species Act, rural residents are predicting the worst. From higher property taxes to arguing against shoddy science backing the ruling, Kansans say this decision could have a serious effect on the western half of the state. Check it out.

It’s April Fool’s Day, but these laws are no joke

OK, yea, I get it, the headline is a few days old. But still, you need to read these crazy Kansas laws! For one, did you know you could get jail time for squealing your tires in one town? Another has even outlawed snowball fights! Seriously, there are always tons of jokes and hi-jinks floating around during the first few days of April, but these laws aren’t among them. here.

Former chairman blames warped legislation for resignation

battlefield nope

The committee resignation of Rep. Marc Rhoades, R-Newton, was one of the more surprising bits of news to come out of the Capitol earlier this week. After his sudden departure from the House Appropriations Committee on Monday, Rhoades was fairly short in his explanation for the action. But he later penned a blog elaborating on the decision. What do his constituents have to say about it? Find out for yourself.

Meet three species still struggling despite the Endangered Species Act

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How successful would you say the Endangered Species Act of 1973 has been in terms of bringing flora and fauna back from the brink of extinction? Would you be shocked to know it’s only about 2 percent? For all the time, resources and effort poured into the ESA, the results aren’t exactly encouraging, and the revelations in some recent reports may leave you feeling indignant. here.

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