We Can Help Renters Without Resorting to Socialism


MINOT, N.D. — We know that many Americans, and many North Dakotans, have been hit hard, economically, by the coronavirus pandemic.

Some have even struggled to secure sustenance, yet at no point have we asked grocery stores to start giving away food for free. Instead, our relief efforts have focused on getting food, or the ability to buy food, to those impacted.

The pandemic has also eroded the ability of some to pay their rent. We should respond to that problem in the same way we have with the food problem, yet some political extremists are insisting that landlords must start giving away the use of their property for free.

The Red River Valley Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America marched in Grand Forks recently for “housing justice.” The group plans similar marches for other communities in the state.

People calling themselves socialists ought not to utter the term “justice” as one subscribing to that ideology does not understand the word, but I digress.

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