It’s Fargo City Attorney’s Job to Advise City on Restricting Home-Based Firearms Dealers, AG Says


MINOT, N.D. — Some residents of the City of Fargo want their community to keep a ban on gun transactions taking place in private residences, despite zero evidence that those transactions have caused a problem.

If you haven’t been following this debate, allow me to illuminate the issue with some backstory.

Circa 2007, the City of Fargo passed an amendment to its ordinances, which outlawed firearm transactions in private homes.

The feds didn’t get the memo, because the ATF, who is in charge of federal firearm licenses, continued approving Fargo’s in-home dealers until 2016 when they realized that Fargo had made in-home transactions illegal.

It is the ATF’s policy not to issue licenses to in-home dealers when the local political subdivision the dealer lives in prohibits in-home dealing.

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