Watchdog Radio: Getting ready for Election Day 2014


By Eric Boehm, Katie Watson

The midterm elections are only a day away, and Watchdog Radio has the scoop on all the big races that will matter Tuesday night — and beyond.

Co-hosts Eric Boehm and Katie Watson have all the angles covered on this week’s show. We’re talking about voter fraud, big political donations from public-sector unions who want to grow the size of government and all the races that could tip control of the U.S. House, Senate and governorships across the nation.

Part 1: Boehm and Watson lay out the big picture. Why does this election matter? Can Republicans grab control of the U.S. Senate by winning a handful of battleground states? Our Watchdog reporters on the ground in Minnesota and Virginia give us the local perspective.

Part 2: Electoral analyst Kevin Palmer joins our hosts to look at five of the most interesting congressional races on Tuesday’s ballot. Democrats have had a hard time finding good candidates, so the GOP majority is likely safe for another two years, he says.

Part 3: Is voter fraud a threat? In close races with low turnout, a few fraudulent votes could help swing the outcome. Watchdog Radio’s Matt Kittle sits down with Hans Van Spakovsky from the Heritage Foundation to examine the issue.

Part 4: With most of the attention turned to U.S. Senate races, voters might be missing the most important races on Election Day. Boehm and Watson explain why gubernatorial races and control of state legislatures could be more important than control of Congress — a fact many unions already know. That’s why they are dumping unprecedented amounts of money into state-level races, hoping to offset Republican gains at the federal level.

All that and more on this week’s edition of Watchdog Radio.