Watchdog Radio: Ebola czars, VA hospitals and a crucial Senate race in Kansas


By Eric Boehm, Matt Kittle

Ebola is all over the news on this week’s edition of Watchdog Radio, but have no fear: the Obama administration is here to help.

President Obama appointed a former staffer, Ron Klain, as the nation’s new “Ebola czar” on Friday. It’s an overt political move that does little to solve the public health crisis or convince the public the administration is even trying — but that’s what passes for action from Washington these days.

As our hosts try to avoid Ebola themselves, they chat with Watchdog reporters from around the nation and check out the important U.S. Senate election in Kansas.

Part 1: Boehm and Kittle discuss the appointment of Ron Klain as Ebola czar and are joined by Watchdog reporter Deena Winter to talk about genderless schoolkids in Nebraska.

Part 2: Our hosts are joined by investigative reporter Tori Richards to discuss her recent expose of a Veterans Administration hospital in Louisiana that has money to spend on flat-screen TVs and roof-top solar panels, but can’t seem to find money for basic things like bedsheets and toothbrushes.

Part 3: national reporter Katie Watson joins Boehm and Kittle from Washington, D.C., to talk about the upcoming U.S. Senate race in Kansas, where Republicans are playing defense against an independent candidate who is getting support from liberal super PACs and unions. Then, Will Patrick joins us from Florida to talk about how the race for governor is heating up in the Sunshine State.

Part 4: Just in time for Halloween, liberal groups and Democratic candidates are scared about “dark money” in politics. But there’s more dark money on the left than there is on the right — Boehm and Kittle explain why.