Watchdog Radio: Alaskan Senate election could swing control of Congress


By Eric Boehm, Ben Yount | Watchdog Radio

MINNEAPOLIS – On Nov. 4, voters in Alaska could determine control of the U.S Senate and, by extension, the fate of the last two years of President Barack Obama’s second term in office.

That’s right: a state with fewer than 375,000 residents – about the size of Columbus, Ohio – could tip the scales in this year’s midterm elections.

Republicans need to pick-up six seats to win outright control of the U.S. Senate. With likely victories in Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia, the GOP is looking for three other wins and Alaska is one of the likely options. Democratic incumbent Mark Begich is taking heat for a controversial television ad and his Republican opponent, Dan Sullivan, is now leading in the most recent polls.

Join Watchdog Radio’s Eric Boehm, Benjamin Yount and Katie Watson on a discussion of the all-important Alaska Senate race. Then, we take a look at unconstitutional activity by the TSA and more negative consequences of Obamacare.

All that, plus a check-in with our Watchdog reporters in Colorado and Pennsylvania – on this two-hour edition of Watchdog Radio.