files FOIA request to Department of Health to determine if abortions were properly reported


By Bre Payton | Virginia Bureau

FOIA THIS: The Virginia Department of Health is claiming it has no relevant records surrounding abortions of two underage girls, but an inspection report says otherwise.

PURCELLVILLE, Va. — has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Virginia Department of Health for records involving abortions performed on two 14-year-olds.

VDH has a legal obligation to report these abortions to the police, as they are required to report instances of potential sexual abuse.

The Family Foundation, a conservative advocacy group based in Richmond, submitted a FOIA request to VDH to determine whether the department took the legally required follow-up actions.

VDH responded to the request by saying it had no relevant records.

An inspection report from February 2013 says otherwise.

VDH stated in the report obtained by the Family Foundation that, during an inspection visit to the Roanoke Medical Center for Women in December 2012, several underage girls received abortions without evidence of parental consent.

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