Wait Just a Minute Mr. Postman!


In the popular Motown hit, Please Mr. Postman, the lyrics describe one man’s desire to get a letter from his girlfriend. As the song goes on, you begin to understand that the impatient boyfriend has been waiting a long time to hear from his sweetheart as he repeatedly begs the postman for a letter from his bag. Perhaps today’s Fraud of the Day can shed some light on one possible reason why the letter never got delivered. According to an article in The Reporter, one California postal worker was very busy with all kinds of activities while claiming workers’ compensation benefits.

The article reports that the Vacaville man claimed that he had injured his back while working for the U.S. Postal Service in Fresno. He submitted a workers’ compensation claim for the injury and for more than 10 years, he received benefits. In addition to the workers’ compensation, he also received Social Security Disability plus Veterans Benefits based on his claims of 100 percent disability. (Hey wait a minute there Mr. Postman!)

However, he didn’t appear to be disabled at all. (Now that’s a shocker.) Even though he claimed to be disabled, the 50-year-old was seen playing basketball and softball in addition to driving, washing a boat (which he probably bought with his disability payments), completing yard work and volunteering (what a fine citizen.) The fraudster actually received more than $6,000 a month for his disability.

The so-called “disabled” fraudster pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation and disability benefits fraud. He was sentenced to one year and a day in prison and was ordered to pay more nearly $139,000 in restitution. It looks like the former postal services worker is going to be waiting a long, long time for a card or letter from his loved ones while serving out his time in prison.

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