Voter guide’s Q and A lists ‘no response’ from GOP Senate hopeful Ben Sasse


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Repeatedly accused of ducking debates and some key issues, accusations he denies, Republican Senate hopeful Ben Sasse is now facing criticism for turning his back on an election institution—the League of Women Voters.

League of Women Voters 2014 Voters’ Guide

Page through the League’s non-partisan voters’ guide for the 2014 General Election, which gives candidates a chance to tell voters where they stand on a variety of hot topics such as immigration, and one of the few no-shows is Sasse.

According to Peggy Adair, President of the League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha, Sasse “did not respond” to the League’s “invitation.”

In addition, Adair says Sasse’s candidate profile and answers to issues were a no-show in the League’s spring voter guide.

Adair says during the GOP’s rough and tumble Senate primary, Sasse’s campaign missed the publication deadline. She tells Nebraska Watchdog the League did not want Sasse to be able to see his opponents’ responses, so Sasse was told he was out of luck for the primary but could try again in the general election.

But come the fall, unlike his three opponents who responded—Democrat Dave Domina and independents Jim Jenkins and Todd Watson— there was “no response” from Sasse.

No answers to these four questions:

  1. What economic policies would you implement to strengthen and grow middle class America?
  2. What specific immigration reform efforts do you support?
  3. What factors should be considered when determining the level of U.S. involvement in foreign affairs?
  4. How should the government balance the needs for national security and the privacy of their citizens.

In a recent Omaha World-Herald “Public Pulse” letter Peggy Holloway writes, “I find (Sasse’s no response) completely disrespectful of the entire process.”

Asked by Nebraska Watchdog why Sasse—considered by many the clear-cut front runner— did not respond to the League’s questions, Sasse’s campaign has said nothing. No response.

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