Violent Protesters Aren’t Any Better Than Violent Cops

What began as peaceful protest in support of Minneapolis's protest against excessive police force Saturday, May 30, turned violent later in the day. Restaurant windows were smashed, dumpsters burned, rocks were thrown at police, and police used tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper bullets, and sand bags to disperse crowds in downtown Fargo. C.S. Hagen / The Forum

MINOT, N.D. — Amid the strife of modern American politics, we often lose sight of an essential truth.

Sometimes both sides of an argument can be right simultaneously.

In the debate over the use of police force, it’s true that the “warrior cop” mentality, and the shift toward military-style tactics and equipment, has harmed a lot of people.

According to the Prison Policy Initiative, American law enforcement officers killed Americans at a rate of 33.5 people per 10 million residents. That’s more than triple the next highest country, Canada, which came in at 9.8.

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