Group of NDGOP Activists Protest Disavowal of Anti-LGBT Resolution, Denying Claims That It’s Bigoted


MINOT, N.D. — Last night the executive committee of the North Dakota Republican Party, during what’s been described to me as a tense meeting, voted to repudiate a part of the party’s recently-passed platform which included anti-LGBT language.

The meeting minutes I obtained show an 11-3 vote in favor of disavowing the language, though the proceedings weren’t without controversy.

At one point, Paul Henderson, the party’s Region II chairman, demanded the resignation of overall party chairman Rick Berg citing rule changes made at what the minutes describe an “unsanctioned convention” held recently in Bismarck by a faction of NDGOP activists.

“Paul Henderson states that if Chairman Berg cannot adhere to the rules he recommends that he resign,” the minutes state.

Henderson, along with party vice-chairman John Trandem and Region I chairman Chuck Walen, voted in favor of keeping the controversial resolution in place.

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