Video: “Two Resisting Arrest Charges? I’m Done With Football”


A revealing, and at times poignant, video of NDSU football star Travis Beck in the back of a squad car following his altercation with another man at a Fargo bar. A visibly drunk Beck discusses the fight (“I asked him if he wanted to go outside”), the repercussions for his college career (“No parent is gonna want their 11-year-old around me”), the accusation of resisting arrest (“Did I run away from you guys? Sorry about that.”) and expresses outrage that the other guy in the fight wasn’t charged (“Seriously?”).

Beck may be right about that. They both should have been charged. But it boggles the mind that Beck, who was clearly a co-instigator in the fight by his own admission, is getting away with knocking someone unconscious without any criminal repercussions at all.

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks

To Beck’s credit, he’s pretty candid with the officer in the video, though that’s probably the booze talking. But again, it’s hard to see how the other videos (which aren’t conclusive of anything) exonerate a guy who admitted to inviting the other guy outside to fight, and then knocked him out.

Again, I think Birch Burdick knew he wouldn’t be making any friends with voters in the heart of Bison country by prosecuting Beck, so took the easy way out.

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