Video: Armstrong Gets Democratic Witness to Agree That Committee Subpoena Would Have Required Barr to Break the Law


Democrats have been rough on Attorney General William Barr lately, accusing him of violating the law, and even going so far as to joke about putting him in handcuffs for refusing to comply with a U.S. House subpoena demanding an unredacted copy of the Mueller report.

But what if that subpoena itself would have required Barr to break the law?

That’s a point Congressman Kelly Armstrong made during committee testimony today, and he made the point by getting three expert witnesses invited by the Democratic majority to agree with him. The subpoena would have compelled Barr to provide unredacted grand jury testimony, which in turn is illegal:

As Rep. Doug Collins noted on Twitter, referencing Armstrong’s questioning, Democrats held AG Barr in contempt for refusing to honor a subpoena which would have required him to break the law:

This spectacle is getting tiresome. Democrats aren’t out for the truth.

If they believed even half of what they’re telling the public about this situation they’d impeach President Trump already. They’re not, so the rest of this is a distraction.