Veto override means trucks can drive 70 mph in Illinois


SPRINGFIELD — All vehicles, including 16- and 18- wheeler trucks, will be able to cruise Illinois’ interstates at 70 mph after the General Assembly voted to override Governor Pat Quinn’s veto.

Senate Bill 930 allowing trucks to go 70 mph passed earlier this year but Quinn vetoed the measure saying he had safety concerns.

During short debate Tuesday in the House, Representative Monique Davis of Chicago said she agreed with Governor Quinn’s veto.

“I don’t know about you but when I travel, I don’t want that 18-wheeler on my back going at the same speed I’m going,” she said.

Davis also said she doesn’t think profits for trucking companies should outweigh safety concerns.

Regardless of Davis’ concerns, the house voted 103-12 to override Quinn’s veto. Supporters of the measure indicated studies show accidents are diminished when all vehicles are going the same speed.