Utah soon may need warrant to track cell phone locations


By Josh Peterson | Watchdog.org

If you’re in Utah, your cell phone’s location data very soon may receive the protection of a warrant.

Lawmakers across the country are rallying to require law enforcement agencies to seek warrants for cell phone location data.

A state level bill, H.B. 128, requiring law enforcement agencies to get a warrant to obtain the location data of an electronic device is on its way to the governor’s office.

Having passed through the Utah House of Representatives earlier in the month, as previously reported by Watchdog.org, an amended version of the bill also unanimously passed through the Senate on March 12.

The bill was sent to be printed so it could be placed on Gov. Gary R. Herbert’s desk for his consideration. The governor has until April 2 to veto the bill. If he doesn’t sign the legislation it still will take effect.

Herbert’s office previously told Watchdog.org it wouldn’t comment on the bill until it passed through the Legislature and was sent to the governor.

All across the country, members of state legislatures are working to put a stop to law enforcement agencies tracking cell phone locations without a warrant.

Both the Missouri and New Hampshire legislatures recently passed their own versions of bills requiring law enforcement agencies to get warrants to obtain cell phone location data.

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