Trumpists Fall on Their Faces in Attempt to Take Over NDGOP


MINOT, N.D. — A faction of hardcore Donald Trump supporters, a group aligned with the North Dakota Legislature’s Bastiat Caucus and organized by Minot-based activist Jared Hendrix, spent the spring organizing takeovers of local North Dakota Republican Party district committees.

They aimed to ultimately take control of the state party, the leadership of which is elected by the leaders of the local district committees.

Their spring campaign, which featured belligerent Trumpists shouting and name-calling and making completely unsubstantiated accusations of cheating (it’s like a theme with these people), didn’t go so well. They actually lost ground in district-level leadership positions.

So it follows that when the NDGOP reorganized this weekend at their Republican Roundup meeting in Medora, the Trumpists lost, with the more traditional Republican “normies,” as I call them, winning big.

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