The ‘Free Market’ Arguments Against Government-Backed Carbon Capture Loans Are Bogus


MINOT, N.D. — Over the last year I’ve had a few conversations about energy with my good friend Robert Harms.

He’s a longtime Republican and worked in the administrations of former Govs. Ed Schafer and John Hoeven. He’s also served in various leadership roles in the North Dakota Republican Party.

These days, he’s a lobbyist for the wind industry. Enel Green Power is listed as a client of his for the current political cycle. He’s also a “policy advisor” for North Dakotans for Comprehensive Energy Solutions, a wind industry astroturf group.

Harms is a good hire for Big Wind. He knows how to speak the language of North Dakota Republicans.

When we’ve talked over the last year or so about North Dakota’s efforts to protect the coal industry, including government-backed loans to Project Tundra, an intriguing carbon capture initiative, I’ve listened attentively to his arguments.

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