Top 10 Valentine’s Day cards for the government skeptic

By Dustin Hurst |

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone.

We see you, counterculturists and single people.

Cupid’s day is especially tough on the big government skeptic. See, while millions of people put their faith and trust in Harry, Barack and ‘ol Johnny Boehner, the government skeptic has doubts. Serious doubts.

What if the government just wants me for my money, the skeptic asks himself time and time again. Is this government the right one for me, he wonders.

So, while the rest of the world — Buzzfeed — delivers special cards for single people, porn-watchers, Mean Girls and “Presidential Hunks,” will cater to the doubting Thomas Paines of the world.


That’s a lot of love.


I just couldn’t exist without you. No, really.


Hey girl. We can do double time get it?


National Security Agency? Nah. How about Nonstop Affection.


From Barack, with love.

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