Tipped workers left behind in MD minimum wage hike


By Jeremy Bauer-Wolf | Maryland Reporter

Many minimum wage workers will be getting a raise now that a hike to Maryland’s wage has been signed into law. But while advocates are ascribing the increase as a win, there’s a bitter aftertaste for one group that was left behind.

The minimum wage will increase to $10.10 over the next four years, but the wage for tipped workers was pegged at $3.63, their current pay, despite the fact that the minimum wage will climb nearly $3.

“In a blue state we shouldn’t have to make these compromises,” said Mat Hanson, director of the Raise Maryland campaign.

Hanson called the freeze for tipped workers “a step backwards,” saying he would have preferred the legislature compromise at 70 percent of the minimum wage.

“It’s a de facto pay cut,” he said.

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