Three cheers — for more government dependency?


By Nic Horton | The Arkansas Project

Earlier this week, the state’s Department of Human Services released the latest enrollment numbers in the Medicaid “private” option expansion. So far, enrollments are way above forecasts: according to DHS, PO enrollment has now reached 155,567.

Many supporters of the “private” option no doubt see this surge in enrollment as a good thing. After all, “It’s not costing Arkansas a dime!” For example, I was stunned to see this headline from THV yesterday: “Statewide enrollment numbers shows private option successful.” If we are to believe that high enrollment in government programs equates to success, then I guess we should enroll everyone in government healthcare and welfare programs. Maybe throw in an Obamaphone while we’re at it? Think of all the success! I mean, I guess you could argue that if our prisons are full of convicts, this shows that Arkansas’s criminal justice system is a big success.

at The Arkansas Project.