Thought approval of gun makers will not lead to public safety


HOMEMADE GUN FREEDOM: Gov. Brown returned SB 808, which would mandate a serial number to homemade gun owners.

By Veronica | Petersen

California Gov. Jerry Brown has fended off an invasion of the Orwellian Thought Police when it comes to home gun makers in California.

On Sept. 30, Brown vetoed SB 808, otherwise known as the “ghost gun” bill that would require home gun makers to obtain a serial number before making a gun at home.

SB 808 became a mockery as Sen. Kevin de León introduced it earlier this year when he held up a black rifle and stated, “This is a ‘ghost gun.’ This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty, magazine, clip, in half a second”.

Technology such as 3-D printing machines and PC-connected milling machines allow anyone capable of writing a computer program that can print a firearm to do so timely and efficiently. Previous to this technology, only master gunsmiths were capable of creating a functional weapon at home, and the process often took months.

SB 808 was an attempt to force Californians to register their intent for using their intellectual property (computer programs) with the state before using it to create a physical firearm. Essentially, the state would be registering things that do not yet exist in physical reality.

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