These costly regulations could hit after the election


By David M. Drucker | Washington Examiner

A Republican group is suggesting that President Obama‘s administration is purposely delaying the implementation of controversial government regulations until after the midterm elections.

American Action Forum, a conservative non-profit organization affiliated with the pro-GOP American Action Network super PAC, was scheduled on Thursday to release a study of 15 pending federal regulations, six of which it says would impose more than $34 billion in costs on the national economy. A proposed Environmental Protection Agency regulation would exact another $90 billion, according to AAF.

Federal agencies have tentatively scheduled November 2014 through January of 2015, the three months immediately following the midterm elections, as the possible time period for implementing these new rules. The proposed regulations have proceeded normally through the standard rule-making process, and the implementation timing could be coincidental. But AAF wasn’t buying it.

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