The sordid, damning details of the Bob McDonnell indictment


By Bryan York | Washington Examiner

If the prosecutors’ case in United States v. Robert F. McDonnell and Maureen G. McDonnell is correct, the corrupt acts of the 71st governor of Virginia and his wife had their beginning even before Bob McDonnell took the oath of office. Virginia’s new First Couple allegedly hoped to start cashing in before they officially became the First Couple.

News reports give readers the basic outline of the prosecution, but one has to read the indictment itself — it’s just 43 pages — to grasp the full extent of the McDonnells’ alleged corruption. The gist of the case is that the governor and his wife, in debt and constantly worried about money, cultivated a “friendship” with Virginia pharmaceutical entrepreneur Jonnie Williams and almost immediately began asking him for money and gifts, at the same time holding out hope that the governor would help Williams’ company, Star Scientific, win clinical trials for its main product, an anti-inflammatory diet supplement that Williams believed had the potential to treat all sorts of ailments.

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