The NDGOP’s Keynote Speaker Is…Ryan Zinke?

There was sure a lot of build up in expectations over who the North Dakota Republican Party might book as the keynote speaker for their state convention this weekend.

They’d been sitting on the announcement for a while, but this afternoon they announced that the big headliner will be the, uh, Secretary of the Interior.

Here’s the release from the NDGOP:

I honestly thought the Republicans would get someone of a big more prominence for the convention. After all, Congressman Kevin Cramer is squaring off against incumbent Heidi Heitkamp in a Senate race with national implications. Heitkamp and the Democrats got former Vice President Joe Biden to their convention.

And Republicans get a relatively minor cabinet official? Also, there’s this:

To be fair, Vice President Mike Pence was just in the state to campaign for Cramer, and the consensus is that President Donald Trump hismelf will be hitting the campaign trail in North Dakota this year too. So maybe this doesn’t matter.

But still.

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