That's An Ironic Picture Mark Zuckerberg Used With His Post About Meeting With Conservatives


Yesterday the leadership of Facebook, including founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, met with leading conservatives to talk about accusations of bias in the social media platform’s trending topics headlines.

After the meeting he put up a post about the meeting, and included with it an image of people writing things on a wall which says “a platform for all ideas.”

Facebook actually has a wall just like that at their headquarters in California where employees are encouraged to write messages. Some of that hippy-dippy silicon valley culture stuff, I guess. You can see a picture of it in this SF Gate article.

The irony is that earlier this year Zuckerberg himself ordered employees to stop writing “All Lives Matter” on the board.

The message was a response to other employees writing “Black Lives Matter” in support of the movement which protests police brutality. Some people – many conservatives, notably, including this one – take exception to the “Black Lives Matter” because they feel it’s too race-centric. They feel “All Lives Matter” is more inclusive.

But Zuckerberg said he found the “All Lives Matter” messages to be “direspectful” and “malicious” and “unacceptable.”


So as Zuckerberg tries to reassure conservatives that Facebook is a platform open to everyone he invokes the imagery of a very real message board at Facebook headquarters where he, just months ago, censored a popular conservative rebuttal to the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Please, Mark, tell us more about how Facebook respects conservative points of view.

And yes, Facebook is a private enterprise, and Zuckerberg can run it however he wants. And yes, Republicans are being ridiculous by getting Congress involved with this kerfuffle. The government needs to butt out.

But hypocrisy is hypocrisy, I’m afraid.