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We Can’t Make Free Speech a Popularity Contest

We Can’t Make Free Speech a Popularity Contest

Recently a reader contacted me to say that Facebook was doing something strange with a SayAnythingBlog.com link posted to Facebook. He sent me a screenshot (see it over there on the right) of questions the social media platform was asking him about the content. “Just letting you know Facebook asked me to do a survey

Podcast: Armstrong Talks About Campbell Dropping Out, Facebook Faces Questions From Congress

U.S. House candidate Kelly Armstrong talks about his opponent, fellow Republican Tom Campbell, dropping out of the House race. He also discusses the campaign against Democrat Mac Schneider and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announcing his retirement. Former Republican Congresswoman Nan Hayworth talks about the Facebook hearings in Congress. Here’s the full audio. If

A screenshot purporting to show a message posted by Anonymous on the Morton County Sheriff's Department's Facebook page. Photo via Twitter

Morton County Says Their Facebook Page Was Not Hacked, but Some Claim It Was

Last night I got quite a few messages from you readers about strange messages on the Morton County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page. Here is a screenshot sent in by one reader: I actually did not see this myself. Believe it or not, I have actually been trying to take some time off this holiday weekend.

Facebook's login page. Reuters photo.

Let’s Be Cautious About Purging “Fake News” From the Internet

In the days since Donald Trump stunned the world by winning a national election few thought he could we’ve seen his detractors grasp for explanations for that turn of events. Anything allowing them to ignore what seems obvious, which is that millions and millions of Americans got fed up with the American left’s obsession with identity politics,

Mark Zuckerberg posted this image alongside a description of his recent meeting with conservative leaders aiming to address their concerns about ideological bias on his platform. Photo via Facebook

That's An Ironic Picture Mark Zuckerberg Used With His Post About Meeting With Conservatives

Yesterday the leadership of Facebook, including founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, met with leading conservatives to talk about accusations of bias in the social media platform’s trending topics headlines. After the meeting he put up a post about the meeting, and included with it an image of people writing things on a wall which says

Hey Republicans, Leave Facebook Alone

I was as disturbed as anyone at the news that Facebook has been gaming its own influential trending topics list, suppressing conservative news stories and inserting other stories management felt were important. But does Congress really need to get involved? WASHINGTON — The chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee demanded on Tuesday that Facebook explain

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North Dakota Is Trump/Carson Territory (With A Smattering Of Bernie Sanders)

The data mavens over at FiveThirtyEight.com took a look at the presidential nomination races as measured by Facebook likes. As you can see from the map above, North Dakota is Donald Trump/Ben Carson territory with a smattering of Bernie Sanders love in the urban areas (Grand Forks and Cass Counties) as well as counties encompassed

Social Media Justice Is No Justice At All

There is no question in my mind that the democratization of the media brought about by blogs, and the enhancements to communications brought by platforms like Facebook and Twitter, have been a net benefit to society. But there is an element to social media, in particular, that’s grown disturbing. Specifically, the rise of online mob