Thanksgiving Holiday Open Thread: Support SAB With Your Holiday Shopping


I’m shifting into holiday mode, which means little to no blogging until next week. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Stay safe on the roads out there. I don’t know what it’s like where you’re at, but the roads around Minot aren’t great today.

One thing to keep mind, since a lot of you may be starting your holiday shopping this weekend online (I know I am), if you stop by SAB before you purchase on Amazon you can support the blog at no cost to you.

Either click on the Amazon banner over there on the sidebar and shop away, or click the banner below. Either way, as long as you click one of those links before shopping and checking out on Amazon, SAB gets a small cut of the proceeds.

Your purchase price, however, is not impacted. You pay the same, but you send a few sheckles toward keeping North Dakota’s most popular (and, if I may toot my own horn a bit, most important) political forum online.

Just something to keep in mind.