Texas Blackouts Are a Chilly Breeze for North Dakota’s Wind Proponents


MINOT, N.D. — “Carlee McLeod, president of Utility Shareholders of North Dakota, which represents investor-owned utilities, said the state’s grid is both adequate and reliable for the time being — and worries of rolling brownouts are baseless.”

That’s what my colleagues Adam Willis and Patrick Springer reported in a story covering the pushback against the burgeoning and heavily subsidized wind industry in North Dakota.

“We don’t have the concern because we know we have both resource adequacy and reliability,” McLeod told the reporters. “We feel these fears at this moment are unfounded.”

That “at this moment” bit sounds like weasel words, don’t they?

What about the next moment? Shouldn’t assertions about something as essential as our power grid’s reliability be a bit more forward-looking?