Power Grid Serving North Dakota Announces ‘Controlled Interruptions’ Amid Arctic Weather


After more than a week of arctic temperatures one of these power grids, the SPP, has called on its member utilities to implement “controlled interruptions” of power service.

This isn’t great news. Temperatures have warmed a bit from the extreme lows over the weekend, but they’re still barely above zero.

Millions in Texas are suffering through blackouts as that state’s power grid — called ERCOT — struggles to keep up with demand. Now some in North Dakota may be joining them.

It’s not clear yet how SPP’s announcement will impact North Dakota power customers. Most of those served by the grid live in South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and northern Texas, and utilities have some discretion when it comes to implementing these blackouts.

There likely won’t be a uniform solution throughout the region served by SPP.

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