Terry’s GOP rival reports little cash; Terry gets TV boost


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Dan Frei’s admittedly uphill fight against Lee Terry in the GOP’s May primary just got a little steeper.

As of Dec. 31 Frei trailed Terry by over $800,000 in campaign cash and that’s just for openers.

American Chemistry Council ad comes in addition to Terry’s $818,000 in campaign cash

Not only did Terry start the year with $818,000 in his campaign bank account—nearly twice as much as he’s ever had at this point in a race—now there’s a TV ad touting the eight-term Congressman and the commercial didn’t cost Terry a dime.

The ad is paid for by the American Chemistry Council which calls Terry “a leader in Congress” working to cut taxes and government regulations in order to keep and grow good paying jobs.

Among the jobs cited in the 30 second spot are those that “add domestic energy production” apparently a reference to Terry’s support for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline which is backed by the ACC.

As for Frei’s fundraising—or lack of it—he raised $12,710 in late 2013.

And $10,000 of that was his own money, according to his first federal campaign finance report.

The report notes that he spent $6,475 leaving Frei with $6,234 in the bank.

So far no Democrat has stepped up to run against Terry, making Frei the congressman’s only challenger.

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