Terry’s GOP rival: Congressman ‘afraid’ to debate


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Dan Frei has had enough and is now demanding that 2nd District Congressman Lee Terry debate him before the May 13th GOP primary.

As Nebraska Watchdog first reported last week there’s been no indication Terry will agree to a one-on-one with Frei.

Frei and Terry yard signs go head-to-head at 168th and “Q”

One debate that was turned down earlier would have been on KFAB radio and presumably covered by Omaha’s TV stations and the Omaha World-Herald along with Nebraska Watchdog—just the kind of free media coverage the badly underfunded Frei campaign probably needs to take out the 8-term incumbent.

Frei’s campaign adds that Terry has now also ducked a “side-by-side” debate during a candidate forum in Sarpy County.

“Terry is afraid of how his views on the issues and his voting record will look compared to Dan Frei’s principled approach to politics,” says Frei spokesman Bruce Dickes.

Terry’s campaign has not responded to Frei’s “demand” but last week Team Terry told Nebraska Watchdog, “Congressman Terry has a long-standing relationship with this community and the people of Omaha know exactly where he stands on the issues that impact them the most.”

If money is any indication where the votes are going—and Frei says its not—Terry should enjoy an easy win. Terry has raised nearly $1.4 million compared to Frei’s $40,000.

But Frei’s campaign is quick to point out that in 2010 and 2012 terry’s GOP rivals picked up nearly 40 percent of the vote.

The winner of the GOP primary likely faces Democrat Brad Ashford in November.

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