Grand Forks City Councilman Terry Bjerke Announces Campaign For Mayor

terry bjerke

Terry Bjerke, a Republican, is a long-time member of the Grand Forks City Council. In fact, he’s long been the lone conservative voice in city government in what is perhaps one of the most left-leaning parts of the state.

Bjerke has become somewhat legendary for being the lone “no” vote on one city issue after another. Now, according to a release he sent out this morning, he’s apparently running for Mayor of Grand Forks.

Here’s his announcement which landed in my email inbox this morning.

I am announcing my candidacy to be the next mayor of Grand Forks.  As mayor, I will never present to the taxpayers of Grand Forks, a budget that increases property taxes, nor will I ever support a sales tax increase.  The citizens are not ATM’s where the government goes every time it wants more money.  Failure to properly prioritize the spending of taxpayer money is not a reason to raise taxes.  For far too long, the city of Grand Forks has been focused on unicorns, puppies, rainbows, and flowers to the detriment of essential government functions.  The government should only do that which is necessary and do it well.  I look forward to a robust campaign that is centered on a lively debate over the size and scope of government.

Last month Bjerke teamed up with anti-Islam activist Usama Dakdok for a free speech event after city councilman, and UND faculty member, Bret Weber convened a meeting to talk about how to inhibit Dakdok’s future events in the city.

Bjerke has also been an organizer for the tea party movement in the state.

The mayoral election in Grand Forks is slated for June.